Students required minimum 80 credits. Cyber security/ Information security (4C), skill-based credits(4C) and Human rights education (2C) are compulsory courses.

Course structure

M.Sc. Health Sciences

Master of Public Health

Semester I

Semester I

(Subject code, subject name, credits)

(Subject code, subject name, credits)

SHS101 Introduction to Public Health (4)

MPH101 Fundamentals of Public health (4)

SHS102 Basics of Epidemiology (4)

MPH102 Epidemiology (4)

SHS103 Introduction to Biostatistics (4)

MPH103 Biostatistics in Health Sciences (4)

SHS104 Introduction to Nutrition (3)

MPH104 Basic nutrition (3)

SHS105 Demography (1)

MPH105 Population and Health (1)

SHS106 Human Physiology (4)

MPH106 Introductory Human Physiology (4)

Semester II

Semester II

SHS201 Infectious Disease Control (4)

MPH201 Infectious Diseases and National Disease Control Programmes (4)

SHS202 Immunology in Health and Disease (4)

MPH202 Public Health Nutrition (4)

SHS203 Epidemiology Practical (4)

MPH203 Epidemiological Methods: Survey (4)

SHS204 Laboratory Methods in Health Sciences I (4)

MPH204 Management of Health Systems (3)

MPH205 Urban Health (1)

Elective Courses

Elective courses

SHS205 Nutrition and Public Health (4)

MPH206 Diagnostics in Public Health (4)

SHS206 Health Behaviour (2)

MPH207 AYUSH and Integrative Health (3)

SHS207 Integrative Health (3)

MPH208 Ageing & Society (2)

SHS208 Ageing & Society (2)

MPH209 Monitoring & Evaluation of Public Health Programmes (1)

SHS209 Global Health Case Studies (1)

Semester III

Semester III

SHS301 Non-communicable Diseases,

Injuries and Control Programmes (4)

MPH301 Non-communicable Diseases

Injuries and Control Programmes (4)

SHS302 Human Genetics (4)

MPH302 Qualitative research methods (4)

SHS303 Maternal and Child Health (4)

MPH303 Maternal and Child Health (4)

SHS304 Laboratory methods in Health Sciences II (4)

MPH304 Nutrition research methods and techniques (4)

Elective courses

Elective courses

SHS305 Basics of Pharmacology (2)

MPH305 Public Health Internship (2)

SHS 306 Internship (2)

MPH306 Environmental and Occupational Health (2)

SHS307 Nutrition Research Methods and Techniques (4)

MPH307 Health Planning (1)

SHS308 Disaster management and Outbreak Investigation (1)

MPH308 Global Health Case Studies (1)

MPH309 Social Epidemiology (2)

MPH310 Public Health in Disaster management and Outbreaks (1)

Semester IV

Semester IV

SHS401 Clinical and Field Trials (2)

MPH401 Disability and Public Health (2)

SHS402 Bioethics, Biosafety and Regulations (2)

MPH402 Tribal Health (2)

SHS403 Research Project I (4)

MPH403 Clinical and Field trials (2)

SHS404 Research Project II (4)

MPH404 Bioethics, Biosafety and regulations (2)

SHS405 Human Molecular and Cellular Biology (4)

MPH405 Research project I (4)

MPH406 Research project II (4)

Elective courses

Elective courses

SHS406 Disability and Public Health (2)

MPH407 Health Behaviour (2)

SHS407 Critical reading (2)

MPH408 Applied Immunology (2)

SHS408 Proposal Development (2)

MPH409 Research Proposal Development (2)

SHS 409 Monitoring & Evaluation of Public Health Programmes (1)

MPH410 Critical reading (1)

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