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Planning & Development Section

Planning & Development Section
1. Unassigned Grant
2. Custom Duty Exemption
3. Quality Improvement Programme : 10th February Awards & Financial Assistance for following activities :
Construction of Guest House
Academic facility such as Virtual Class Room etc.
Construction of Ladies Staff Room
Construction of Girls & Boys Common Room
Construction of Cycle Stand/Vehicle Parking
4. UGC XIth Plan
5. Personal Grant to Teachers
6. Assistance to Young Scientist
7. Forwarding of proposals to Higher Education
8. Academic Calendar
9. Travel Grant for Teacher/Young Teachers for attending Seminar/Conference/Workshop
10. Sanction Financial Assistance Under Quality Improvement Programme to all affiliated colleges & recognized       institutes for following purpose:
Organizing Seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ Expert Lecture series
Purchasing Equipment/Sport Equipment
Colleges in Tribal Area
11. Preparing Agenda, Minutes of above meetings.
12. Forwarding of various Proposals received from Colleges to UGC under XI th Plan.
13. Circulation of Circulars received from UGC to all affiliated colleges and recognized Institutes
14. Forwarding of Major/Minor Research Proposals to various funding agencies
15. Approval of Advertisement drafts, Selection Committee and Selection Committee Report
16. Research Awards
17. Research Fellows
18. Visiting Professors
19. Preparing Annual Report
20. Ahmednagar and Nashik Sub center related work
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