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Affiliation Section
1. Preparation of Perspective Plan.
2. Publishing advertisement for affiliation / recognition.
3. Accepting proposals for new affiliation / recognition proposals for extension and continuation etc.
4. Scrutiny of proposals, submission to various authorities for permission and submission to Government for approval.
5. Formation of Local Inquiry Committees.
6. Submission of LIC reports before authorities for permission to affiliation / recognition.
7. Issuing affiliation / recognition letters.
8. Follow up regarding annual, permanent & other affiliation fees.
9. Conduct sub committee meetings for above work.
10. Conduct BCUD Committee meeting.
11. All other affiliation/ recognition related work.

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Approval Section
1. Approval to advertisements, to fill Teacher vacancies of college.
2. Appointing nominee's on Selection Committee.
3. Submission of Selection Committee Reports to the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor for approval.
4. Approving the teacher after verification of all documents.
5. Recognition to PG teacher.
6. Recognition to M.Phil. Guide.
7. Recognition to Ph.D. Guide
8. Conduct meetings of RR & BUTR committee.
9. All other teacher related work.
Board Meetings & Syllabi Section
1. Organizing Board of Studies meetings.
2. Organizing Faculties meetings .
3. Organizing Academic Council meetings.
4. Organizing Syllabus meetings.
5. Preparing Agenda, Minutes of above meetings.
6. Approving panels for examiners of Ph.D. / M.Phil. Students.
7. Appointment of Ad-hoc Board of studies.
8. All other work related to meetings & syllabus.



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