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About BCUD

Important Activities

  • Process management of Academic Council

  • Organising Faculty Meetings

  • Affiliation, Recognition, Continuation, Renewal of Affiliation

  • Syllabus formation and its revision

  • Organisation of Approval Camps of Teachers

  • Liaison with Indian and Foreign Universities

  • Preparation of Perspective Plan

  • Implementation of University of Potential Excellence scheme by UGC

  • Research funding to college and university teachers

  • Quality Improvement Programme

  • Preparation of Annual Report of University

  • Grants for Teachers attending National/International Conference

  • Formation of Selection Committees

  • Organisation of Board of Studies Meetings

  • Organisation of Dean's Meetings

  • Formation of Local Enquiry Committees

  1. The Board of College and University Development shall be responsible to plan development of the university, both physical and college academic, and it shall conduct academic audit of the university departments, institutions, colleges and recognized institutions. It shall also plan, monitor, guide and co-ordinate undergraduate and post-graduate academic programme and development of affiliated colleges.

  2. It shall consist of the following members, namely

  1. the Vice-Chancellor;

  2. the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, if any;

  3. one Dean of faculty, nominated by the Academic Council;

  4. one Head or Director from amongst the Heads or directors of the university institutions or departments, not below the rank of professor and who is not a Dean nominated by the Academic Council;

  5. one teacher, imparting post-graduate instruction or guiding research, but who is not a Dean, Head of the university institutions or departments nominated by the Vice-Chancellor;

  6. one teacher imparting under-graduate instruction having not less than sixteen years of teaching experience, nominated by the Management Council;

  7. one principal of an affiliated college of arts, science or commerce, nominated by the Management Council from amongst the principals who are members of the Academic Council;

  8. one principal of an affiliated professional college, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor;

  9. two experts, co-opted by the Board, from amongst the Heads of National and State level research institutions;

  10. two persons to represent industry, banks, commerce or professional bodies to be nominated by the Vice- Chancellor

  11. two members nominated by the Senate, one of them being the representative of the managements; Chairman

  12. the Director of the Board of College and University Development; Member  Secretary; Provided that, the members nominated in categories (c) to (h) above shall, as far as practicable, be drawn from different faculties.

  1. The Board shall actively establish collaboration with national and international institutions, industry, business and commercial organisations.

  2. The Board shall meet at least twice a year.


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