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Board of Deans(BOD)

Dr. Manohar Chaskar
Dean - Faculty of Science & Technology
Mobile - +91-9822913946
Office no – 020 25621201
E- Mail –

Dr. Sanjeev Sonawane
Dean, Faculty of Inter-Disciplinary
Mobile - +91-9890178190
Office no – 020 25621200
E- Mail –

Dr. Anjali Kurane
Dean, Faculty of Humanities
Mobile - +91-9422517048
Office no – 020 25621202
E-Mail –

Dr. Parag Kalkar
Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Management
Mobile - +91-9881000922
Office no – 020 25621203
E-Mail –

Dean office
E-Mail -

Board of Deans is an academic core unit of the University established as per the Maharashtra University act 1994.

We believe in imparting education that is at once academically, socially and morally oriented. Our teaching is for reaching and reaching for enriching. We propose to conduct research contributing to empirical richness, interpretation, theorization and application. The purpose of our evaluation is not to prove, but to improve. Our social commitment is reflected through our extension activities. We are ‘glocal’, interdisciplinary and quality conscious in our approach. The Board of Deans has set up the following goals to be achieved in a focused manner –

  • To revise syllabi of all the courses

  • To make the courses internationally competitive, application oriented with Vocational Bias

  • To enable teachers at University and College level by creating opportunities to undertake research and provide suitable funding for the same

  • To provide students opportunities to undertake research projects by implementing Avishkar i.e. Research Project Competition Scheme in an effective manner

  • To bring in the transparency and efficiency in day to day administrative aspects concerned with colleges / institutes / Principals / Teachers and Students

  • To establish liason with nationally and internationally reputed conducive educational organizations

  • To create learning atmosphere for Indian and Foreign students

  • To implement recommendations of National Knowledge Commission such as introduction of Semester and Credit System etc.

  • To establish Triple Connectivity with the Colleges and Institutes and develop Web based courses

  • To promote Distance Education and e-learning

  • To undertake research in front line areas and establish University in first hundred institutes in the world.

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