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Administrative Circulars

1 Circular No. 317 of 2008 (Dr. Manohar Jadhav HOD of Marathi)
2 Circular No. 307 of 2008 (Dr. Bajrang Korde HOD of English)
3 Circular No. 302 of 2008 (Dr. (Smt.) Swati Shirwadkar as HOD of Sociology)
4 Soft skills development programme for non-teaching staff of colleges affiliated to university of pune
5 Circular regarding Smt. Nayana Nimkar as Head of Dept. of Physical Education
6 Circular No. 231 of 2008 (Dr. Smt. Urmila Kulkarni-Kale as Director, Bioinformatics Centre)
7 Circular No. 229 of 2008 (Dr. Smt. Anita Kar as Director, Interdisciplinary School of Health Science)
8 Circular No. 194 of 2008 (Dr. Ujjwala Barve as HOD of Communication & Journalism)
9 Circular No. 192 of 2008 (Dr. S. S. Kaptan as HOD of Commerce)
10 Avoiding the Lady Employee of State Government wait after office hours and call them on holidays for work, as far as possible
11 Announcement of results of essay competition conducted by Cell against Harassment and Atrocities against Women, University of Pune
12 Circular declaring Holiday after 4.00 pm. on 08.02.2008 in view of Hon'ble Prime Minister's Pune visit.
13  Invitation : University Foundation Day on 10th February 2008
14 Circular No. AN/437, dated 29/01/2008 related to the University Foundation Day
15 Circular No.14/2008, AN/228, dated 14/01/2008 regarding Holidays declared by the Divisional Commissioner, Pune
16 Circular No.AN/145 of 2008 (Appointment of Dr. Manik Laxmanrao Jadhav as a Registrar, University of Pune
17 Circular No. 7 of 2008 (Dr. N. J. Pawar as HOD of Geology)
18 Circular No. AN/01 regarding Holidays declared by the University of Pune for the year 2008


1  Proposals invited under Colleges with Potential for Excellence
2 Circular No. 4598 regarding "Gunwant Shikshketar Sevak"
3 AVISHKAR 2008-09 Schedule and Guidelines
4 Academic Calendar 2008-2009
5 Plans for the academic year 2008-09
6 Planning and Development Circulars
7 Samarth Bharat Harit Urja Dindi
8 List of Recognized Ph.D Guides
9 UPE : Suggestions are invited for new phase.
10 BCUD Proposal : Information of Students working with PI for BCUD Research Proposals
11 List of Sanctioned Research Proposals - Colleges for year 2007-08
12 Circular No. 13943 for Arthik Durbal Ghatak
13 Training Programmes for Non Teaching / Administrative Staff conducted by Academic Staff College
14 Perspective plan for 2006-07 to 2010-11
16 Notification of convocation in Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008.
17 Research Proposals 2007-08
18 Plans for Academic year 2007-2008
19 List of Approved Teachers
20 Citizens Charter (Sanad)
21 Norms regarding the Recognition of Persons as Teachers of the University
22 NORMS & GUIDELINES / FORMATS for Research Proposals
23 Planning and Development Circulars
24 Details of Appellate authority, Public Info officer & Assistant Public Info. Officer of University UPDATED.
25 Academic Calendar 2006 - 2007 (DOC / PDF)
26 Application form for Publication Grant
27 Teacher's Profile for Election and Other purpose
28 Prevention of Malpractices in Education
29 Revision of the Syllabus


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