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The Dean of a particular Faculty is an Academic Officer of the University, elected by the members of the faculty from amongst themselves, concerned with and responsible for implementation of the academic policies approved by the Academic Council.

  1. There shall be a Dean for each faculty. He shall be an academic officer of the university concerned with and responsible for implementation of the academic policies approved by the Academic Council in respect of academic development, maintenance of standards of teaching and research and training of teacher within his faculty.

  2. Following are

  1. The Dean of faculty shall be elected by the members of the faculty from amongst themselves and shall not be, eligible for election for a second consecutive term.

  2. No member assigned by the academic council on the faculty shall be eligible to contest the election to the post of the Dean.

  1. The Dean shall convene meetings of the faculty, as and when required, in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor and shall preside over the same. He shall formulate the policies and development programme of the faculty and present the same to the appropriate authorities for their consideration.

  2. The Dean shall be responsible for the academic development of the faculty and shall ensure proper implementation of the decisions of the Management Council, Academic Council, Board of College and University Development and the Board of Examinations in respect of his faculty and the decisions of the faculty and the Boards of Studies under his purview.

  3. Subject to the superintendence, direction and control of the Vice- chancellor, the Dean shall, after taking such advice as he thinks necessary, decide upon the grievances of students regarding the enrolment, eligibility, migration, scholarships, studentships or Freeships, grant of terms, admission to university examinations

  4. The Dean shall enquire, on being directed by the Academic Council, into any malpractice related to any academic programme in his faculty by a university department, affiliated or conducted college or recognized institution and report the findings to the Academic Council.

  5. The Dean shall prepare proposals for the award of fellowships, scholarships and other distinctions in his faculty for submission to the Academic Council.


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