Indian Philosophical Quarterly : Volume 29

D. D. Vadekar The Indian Traditional Values and Their Indications for Education in India in the Modern Age of Science and Technology 117
Ashok R. Kelkar Interrogating Knowledge Globalization 133
Alpana Chakraborty Does Aristotle Believe in Liberation? 177
Koyeli Chakravarti & Apurbo Roy Interpersonal Relationship & Human Dignity 191
Abha Singh A Peep into Ethics and Meta-Ethics  202
Nandita Bagchi Metaphors and Morality 229
Rajani Srivastava  Mill’s Classical Theory of Democracy 237
S. A. Shaida Kierkegaard’s Ontology of Faith 253
Jagat Pal Some Reflections on the Concept of Rationality 265
Ramakant Sinari The Real and the Constructed: Snakara and Husserl 277
D. N. Tiwari   Analysis of How and What We Know By A Word 291
N. Sreekumar Language and the Evolution of The Self 319
Sangeetha Menon Structure of Mind and Structured Mind  335
N. G. Kulkarni Putnam's Proposal For Logical Reform 345
S. V. Bokil  What is Aristotelian Syllogism? 351
Gopal Sahu Induction in the 'Grue'-Some World 361