Indian Philosophical Quarterly

The project of digitization of 31 back volumes of Indian Philosophical Quarterly was undertaken during the first phase of University of Potential Excellence (UPE) Scheme of the University Grants Commission under the auspices of Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities of University of Pune. It is hoped that internet availability of a total 1035 articles and a sizable number of reviews and discussions will serve better the interests of specialists and the general public alike.

Indian Philosophical Quarterly (IPQ) was launched by the late Professor S. S. Barlingay in October 1973 with a view to provide a forum for expressing philosophical views of diverse orientations and interdisciplinary concerns in Indian and Western philosophical Traditions. In order to highlight some of the most fundamental issues in Indian reception of the West, IPQ has published a special number on K. C. Bhattacharyya’s seminal discourse on Svaraj in Ideas (Vol. 11 No 4, 1984). Similarly, in remembrance of the All Time Great Philosophers, IPQ has published Special Numbers on Rene Descartes (Vol. 23 Nos. 1-2, 1996) and Immanuel Kant (Vol. 31 Nos. 1-4, 2004). IPQ is listed in International Documentation Services such as Philosophers Index, U.S.A. and Repertoire Bibliographique de Philosophie Belgium.

The digitized contents of IPQ Volume Nos.1-31 are protected under copy right conventions and are not allowed to use for commercial purposes. The researchers are expected to acknowledge this source in an appropriate manner.

Professor Sharad Deshpande
Coordinator of the Digitization of IPQ Project

Indian Philosophical Quarterly Volume 1-31