Indian Philosophical Quarterly

Paramarsha (Marathi)




Indian Philosophical Quarterly (IPQ), Paramarsha (Marathi) and Paramarsha (Hindi) are the three independent quarterly publications of the Department of Philosophy, University of Pune. Launched in 1973, 1979 and 1980 respectively by the late Professor S. S. Barlingay, these  journals have provided a forum for expressing philosophical reflections of diverse orientations within the Indian and Western Philosophical Traditions and also provided space for interdisciplinary concerns in the areas like Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Action, and Consciousness Studies.

The IPQ has so far published a massive corpus of philosophical literature spanning over around twenty five thousand pages. This corpus is a creation of the professional philosophers in India and abroad. IPQ is listed in the International Documentation Services such as Philosophers Index, U.S.A. and Reportoire Bibliographique de Philosophie Belgium. In remembrance of the Past Masters the journal has published Special Numbers on Rene Descartes and Immanuel Kant. Similarly, in order to highlight some of the most fundamental issues in Indian reception of the West, the journal has published a special number on the
theme of Svaraj in Ideas.

Paramarsha (Marathi) has completed twenty seven years of continuous publication. Its issues contain original research articles and informative documentations in philosophical and interdisciplinary areas as well as annotative translations of classical philosophical writings from English, Sanskrit and other languages. Paramarsha has published many special numbers on philosophers like A. J. Ayer, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Marx, and Jnaneshvara, philosophical schools like Sankhya, Buddhism, Existentialism and
Phenomenology and interdisciplinary areas like Philosophy of science, Feminism, Theism-Atheism debate and Recent Trends in Indian and Western Philosophy. Paramarsha also provides the proceedings of most of the sessions of Maharashtra Tattvajnana Parishad.

Paramarsha (Hindi) has completed twenty six years of continuous publication. Its issues contain original research articles on various philosophical issues and also issues in literary criticism. Some articles published in various issues are also available in book form, e.g. Navyanyayake Paribhasika Padartha and Cintana-Unmesa.