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Student Council Elections

Student Council Election - Rescheduled

The University is also a training ground for students to develop skills of good governance. Hence these elections are organized to help them practice these skills and learn the skill of representation. Hence the students have an experience in the skills of democratic representation and participation. As per the Maharashtra Universities Act, (M.U.A.) 1994 section 40, Studentsí Council is to he established every year during the first term. As per clause 3 of Section 40 (3) of the said M.U. Act, 1994 each college / institute has to elect one university representative. The name of the said student is then to be communicated to the Director, Board of Students' Welfare immediately on the date specified. Late nominations will not be entertained. As per section 40 (2) (b) of the said M. U. Act, 1994 the college / institute has to from the Students Council and inform the names of the same to the Director, Board of Students' Welfare. As per section 40 (2) (a) there will be a University Departments Student Council who in turn will elect its University representative. After completion of the above, 15 members will be nominated to the university Students Council as per provisions of section 40 (4) (a) of the M.U. Act, 1994 by the Vice-Chancellor. Further as per section 40 (4) (6) of the M.U. Act, 1994 the President and Secretary of the Pune University Students Council will be elected as per provisions of the said section of the M.U. Act, 1994.

Workshop for University Representatives

Workshop for University Representatives Training is an important aspect of good governance and this is done through these orientation workshops. Fighting elections and winning them is one part but what is more important is how to deliver after one gets elected. How to work together as well as implement promises made and help improve the University administration. After all elections and nominations for the University representatives and University Students Council are over a two-day workshop for the representatives is arranged at the district level. If any college from a district is unable to arrange this
workshop, the Director, Board of Students' Welfare will nominate a college to undertake this program. All expenses in respect of the workshop is borne by the University but all traveling expenses to attend this workshop of college / institute, University representatives is to be borne by the concerned college / institute. At the said workshop lectures by eminent persons in the field of education are arranged. All the university representatives are given complete knowledge of their duties, rights and their contribution to society. Freedom and power bring responsibility; hence they have to undertake also adventure level camps for these university representatives are arranged at district level.

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