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Abhijeet Kshirsagar Senior Research Fellow

RF MEMS, Sensors

Abhishek Khunte Junior Research Fellow

Microwaves, RF circuit design, Image Processing, Fiber Optic Sensors

Aditee Joshi Senior Research Fellow

Conducting Polymers, Gas Sensors, Polymer Nanomaterials, MEMS design and simulation
Ashok Kalange Teacher Fellow

Biophysics, Bio-medical instrumentation, Sensor instrumentation

Bhausaheb Botre Senior Research Fellow

Artificial Neural Network based system design, Microprocessor/Microcontroller and digital electronic design, FPGA based system design, Virtual Instrumentation LabVIEW, Sensor system design

Jagdish Deshpande Teacher Fellow

Humidity sensors, SAW based humidity sensors, Polymer materials

Mohammed Rizwan

Teaching Assistant and  M.Phil. student

Semiconductor physics, Electromagnetics, DSP

M.L. Dongare

Teacher Fellow

Developement of microcontroller based instrumentation with Optoelectronics

Sandip Aghav

Junior Research Fellow

Satellite Communication, Satellite Orbit Determination system, GPS based Navigation System

Sudip Chakraborty

Junior Research Fellow

Electronic structure simulation, Optical properties studies of semi-conductor quantum dots, CPMD

Zahid Momin

Junior Research Fellow

Embedded systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Image Processing and Pattern recognition, Machine Vision system 

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