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TCC 2012 : Call for Papers

What are these new technologies?  How do we understand them as a cultural force?  Is technology at the core of what it means to be human, or is it re-making of our humanity?  How we can think of the relationship between technology, culture and communication?  Do these associations among institutions, practices enable or shape human action? Are few questions to be raised and understood. This technology, communication and culture conference will also explore the manifestations, effects, and representations of the new technologies of the recent period.

Papers- based on empirical studies or discursive analysis- and focusing on any of the following or other relevant themes are invited for the conference. The following list is only indicative and should not be considered as exhaustive.

  • Freedom of expression
  • SNS and new socialization/political movements
  • New narratives on Internet
  • Virtual games and gaming culture
  • Technology and economies
  • YouTube and the visualization of experiences
  • Politics of search engines
  • Mobile Mannerism
  • Technology and art-forms
  • Technology, education and new pedagogy of learning
  • The new virtual visual culture: HD, 3D
  • Convergence of media
  • Popular and the New Media
  • Normal, Abnormal and Bizarre on new media platforms
  • Technology/media and construction of  gender and class
  • Designing for the web
  • Developments in digital TV production / distribution techniques / technology
  • Distribution and consumption of news and information in the digital age
  • Marketing, advertising and branding in digital era
  • Globalization of media and digitization of media content
  • Role of public service media in the digital age
  • Culture as commodity
  • New paradigms of self regulation or state control
  • Concept of prime time, planning and development of programs
  • Mediated cultures

Note: English is the official language of the conference. We welcome paper submissions. Prospective authors are invited to submit via email

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Length of Abstract: 200 - 300 words

Brief Introduction of Author / co-author if any

Format of the Full Paper:
Title of paper: Arial 14 Bold caps;
After one space: author, affiliation, e-mail in font 11 italics;
Leave on space. Then Abstract title in 12 bold; Abstract in Arial 11 italics;
Main text of paper ; Titles in Arial 12 bold caps; Text in Arial 11 justified.
Subheadings: Arial 11 bold italics;
Figures: Title should be at the bottom of figure.
Tables: Title to be at top of table.
References: Author (year), Paper title, Conf./book/journal title, Vol., No., pp.
References should be cited in text in brackets (author, year).

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