About The Department

Ya Kriyawan Sa Pandita (learned person is one who is ceaselessly active) is the motto of the University of Pune, which was established in 1949. Since its inception, the University of Pune has placed the objective of 'Social Commitment' on the top of its agenda for attaining excellence in higher education.

The Centre for Continuing Education established in 1972 was upgraded as the Department of Adult, Continuing Education, as a result of University Grants Commission’s Policy (1977). Following the University Grants Commission’s Policy (1977), Government of India launched the National Adult Education Programme (NAEP) on October 2, 1978. The responsibility and the vital role given to the Universities in the NAEP was very much instrumental in upgrading the Centres for Continuing Education in various Universities. This trend was accepted by the authorities at University of Pune. Other programmes such as Population Education, Planning Form and Jan Shikshan Nilayams were started and implanted through the university and colleges with the assistance of the University of Pune and University Grants Commission.

Lifelong Learning as the cherished goal of the educational process which presupposes universal literacy, provision of opportunities for youth, housewives, agricultural and industrial workers, professionals and other disadvantaged groups of the society to continue the education of their choice at the pace suited to them is one of the main objectives of the University.

The Department recognised the need for providing quality education by up gradation of skills of the learners in tune with the developmental needs of the individual and the society. An indispensable endeavour toward enhancing the human resource is to develop strategies for creating an effective learning environment for a Knowledge society. The department has resolved itself to work on some socially important areas viz. National Integration, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens, Unorganized Workers, Non-Government Organizations, Tribal Development, youth Education, Entrepreneurship & Employment, Counselling, Literacy, Adolescence Education and Lifelong Learning.

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