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The department has developed a well equipped library containing 3850 books, 43 audio-visual CDs and journals from different subjects. The said library contains valuable material in Adult Education, Continuing Education, Population Education, extension, Lifelong Learning etc.

The list of books of the library are available on internet. Teachers, students, researchers & social workers are benefited by this library.

The learning material developed by the faculty members from the Department of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension (on the subjects NGOs, National Integration, Un-organized Workers, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens) has been made available on the website of the University of Pune in the book form. (www.unipune.ac.in/university_files/e-Books.htm) This material is being utilized by several students and teachers from universities and colleges, researchers, social workers and other community persons.


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Documentary Regarding Unorganized Workers (VISKALIT) :



The term Unorganized Workers is specified by considering following points :

  • Workers unorganized.

  • The relations among employers and employees - not definite.

  • The number of workers at the workplace - less than 10.

  • The nature of work/employment - scattered, not regular, not definite

The workers in unorganized sectors constitute 93% of total workforce in India. Their number is more than 40 crores. Our country is marching towards a superpower in the world. The lists of rich families and individuals in the world comprise of some Indians. The development of our nation in certain fields is appreciable. However, we cannot deny the fact which is depicted in a report ( a report by a National Commission for Studying the Works in Unorganized Sector - year 2007).

According to the report, about 86% workers are from unorganized sectors.

Amongst them, 79% persons get income below Rs. 20/- per day.

The workers from unorganized sectors are found in following groups :

  • Agricultural labourers

  • Domestic Workers

  • Construction Workers

  • Workers from Gavgada

  • Some contract labourers from organized sectors

  • Migrant workers

The working condition and living conditions of such workers and their family members is worst. They are denied from basic human facilities. In this sense this is a deprived and depressed group in society.

The Department of Adult, Continuing Education and Extension is actively

engaged in working for this group on following levels :

  • University and College Level

  • Community Level

In view of sensitizing the social workers and the youth from colleges and universities and for training purpose the department developed a documentary entitled VISKALIT. It consist of -

- concept of unorganized workers.

- unorganized workers in several groups.

- social, family & other problems of the unorganized workers.

- strategies and programmes to work with unorganized workers.


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