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Fees for Transcript is Rs. 150/- for each year of professional courses under the faculties of Medicine, Homoeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering, Management, Law, Education, Physical Education, & Applied Courses in Science such as Bio-information, Biotechnology, Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Electronics or such other courses designated by University as applied courses and Rs.115/-. for each year of non-professional courses under the faculties of Arts and Fine Arts, Science, Mental, Moral & Social Sciences and Commerce.

Those students who will obtain the application form from web-site are requested to add Rs. 20/- for Non-professional course and Rs. 30/- for professional course as the case may be towards an Application Processing Fee in addition to above transcript fee. Along with the attested Xerox copies of the statement of Marks of each year i.e. First to Final year.

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