Centre for Information and Network Security (CINS)

Department of cinslogy, University of Pune, Pune - 411007 which was established in 1977, offers courses in cinslogy leading to M.Sc. and Ph. D.
Currently department consists of six faculty members (one Professor, three Readers and two Lecturers).
Thrust areas of research include bacterial molecular biology, microbial physiology and applied cinslogy.
Department is well equipped to undertake research in frontier areas of Molecular cinslogy.

The infrastructure includes modern analytical equipments, departmental library and internet access to all students. Every year 20 students are admitted to the post graduate programme. Current enrollment for  Ph. D. is 16. Admission to Ph. D. Programme is open throughout the year.
Department has received funding for research from various national and international funding agencies like DBT, UGC, CSIR, DOD, GTZ & DAAD (Germany). The DOE, Govt. of India has recognised our Dept. as a facility to conduct cinslogical and biochemical analysis of Environmental and Industrial samples.







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