Online Application system by University of Pune for External Students for Following Examinations:

F.Y. B.Com.(2013 Pattern) Candidates (Passed/ATKT/Fail) with Existing PRN Number need to 'Sign In' with Existing Username/Password for Applying S.Y. B.Com. and F.Y B.Com. Backlog subjects (If any).

 F.Y. BA/ F.Y. B.COM.
S.Y. BA(Fresh Students Only),S.Y. B.COM 
M.Com Part I/M.A. Part I  Fresh Applications

Instructions for Downloading Registration Card

Time Table of F.Y B.A (2013 Pattern) (Regular & External)

Notice for External Students

Process for Duplicate Transference Certificate

Notification Regarding Examination Form for M.A. & M.Com. Students

Notice for Online TC & Information

Instructions for TC

Process for Duplicate Registration Card

Transfer Certificate Online Application Process

Instruction for External Students

List of Qualifying Examinations and Documents Required For F.Y.B.A and F.Y.Bcom



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